POS Software in Bangladesh


Namepam POS Software Bangladesh Is Ideal For Those Wishing To Establish Or Expand Their Business. Our POS Software Has An Intuitive Design With Easy-To-Use Features That Make Using The System Simple Right Away.

Our Software Module



  • New Sales POS
  • Sales List
  • Sales Due List
  • Installment List
  • Installment Due List






Benefits You Will Get

Super Easy

Easy to use, easy to control. Intuitive and thoughtful design makes our system simple to use avoiding difficult functionality & errors.

Eliminate Mistakes

Drastically reduce staff errors and lengthy training segments. Avoid doing any kind of mistakes with our super shop POS solutions.

End to End Management

Nicely organized with product forecasts in terms of billing, Inventory management, and deliveries, the system delivers brands and retailers full control over their key product procurement and financial promises.

Always Up to Date

We manage updates gradually so that your store will always have the latest security updates and features.Develop your business scales with our solution smoothly & quickly.

Easy Integration

You have to operate the pos software daily for running your business smoothly, so a user-friendly interface for POS software is very important. An intuitive solution is required minimal training to empower your staff to serve the customers. User-friendly POS software is not limited to a simple user-friendly interface, it should also include speed, security, scalability, portable POS system obtained through handheld devices and many more features of POS makes a user-friendly software. Mediasoft POS software is very easy to use, and chock full of useful features. These benefits make this software a great choice for business owners who need simple but powerful features for their business