Hospital /Diagonestic Pathology Lab Software

Start printing bills and reports in 2 minutes.

We are a leading Medical Management System Software platform
for Diagnostic Labs. Our products are designed as per SaaS-based model for
Medical Hospital & Diagnostic businesses of all complexities & sizes.

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Health Care Automation System

Hospital Management

Patient booking and engagement tool to take patient experience & patient relationship management to the next level

Diaginestic Management

Web-based Clinical Lab Management Software solutions for automating your processes & managing the business better

Clinic Management

Online & cloud-based platform to manage your lab inventory, stock, and purchases the easiest way

All Your Patient Bookings In One Place


With minimum or zero computer knowledge the receptionist can start patient registration and billing from Day one. The software will automatically calculate the total amount, apply the discount and calculate the balance amount thus avoiding any human errors.


When you create a bill the lab report is automatically generated with the added tests. You can also modify Bill by adding or removing investigations. Investigations added or removed from the bill will be added or removed from the lab reports as well.


All the data is recorded in the software and can be searched at any point. The search option provided in the software header makes it easy to search cases using patient Name, Phone Number, Case reg. Number and Add new cases to pre-existing patients.

Tap & Collect Samples With Process Automation

  • Collect samples right when you order. You can also physically collect them in a standardized manner using the B D vacutainer guide, collection guide & instructions. Collecting samples at the center is just a tap away with sample automation & preset facility.
  • Organize and automate sample processing, resulting in faster and accurate lab testing while also saving on operational costs. Lab sample management software helps in tracking of samples and effective turnaround time management.

Quick & Easy Lab Reporting

  • Speed up the test report entry process with fast and easy-to-use reporting. So, you get all the relevant patient information in Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS Software) necessary for reporting.
  • Have reports delivered to patients and providers with ease right when they are ready. Keep track of lab reports which are dispatched and take actions on improving report delivery time.

Your Laboratory Finance With LIMS Software
& Have Better Visibility & Control

  • Collect your payments online or offline and record them instantly. Manage your report deliveries or due collections automatically for your orders in the LIMS System. Integrate online payment collections and generate auto-invoices for smooth transactions amongst B2Bs and patients.
  • Manage pricing for different sources of business and for all departments, outsourcing centers, and B2Bs. Handle seasonal pricing easily from one single central location. Our lab billing software sets control on conditional and other discounts for all centers and B2Bs and approves them with OTP.